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Remote Car Starters FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

If you have a question not covered, Contact Us Here!

Do your remote start prices include installation?

All Additional Parts & Labour are included with our Pro Packages.

We do not offer an advertised "Get you in the door" Price.

That's misleading!!

Will adding a remote start Void My Warranty?

A Quality, Properly Installed Remote Starter Will Not Void Your Warranty. In Canada, there is a Consumer Protection Act in each province, as well as the Canadian Competition Act, both apply and protect consumers from a manufacturer voiding a warranty simply because aftermarket products are installed. 

Some car dealers tell their customers that a product and the installation have to be done by the dealer to preserve the warranty. That is simply not true. DC Car Audio works tirelessly to have close friendly relationships with our local dealerships many of which have service provided by us and are well aware of these protective acts. If you are being told that when buying a new vehicle, chances are the employee simple does not know, is new, or is located in a dealership we have yet to form a relationship with. DC Car Audio is happy to assist should you have any problems related to this issue. 

How much does it cost?

The cost can vary drastically from vehicle to vehicle. 

We are here to help you select the right type of remote car starter and features for YOUR needs. 

The best way to approach a remote car starter installation is to visit us in person with your vehicle.

1030 Confederation St

Sarnia, On. N7S3Y5


We can provide you with a good faith estimate and answer any questions as accurately as possible if you give us a call (519)-384-8147. 

How Long will it take?

Time differs greatly from one installation to the next. We typically would prefer the vehicle be dropped off with us for the day. If this isn’t possible, other arrangements can be made.


Can a remote car starter be installed on a vehicle with a manual transmission?

Yes, Please Call. DC Car Audio offers remote car starters that will work on manual transmissions. Installation on vehicles with a stick shift require additional parts and labor.


I have a diesel engine. Can you install a Remote Start?

YES! We have remote starts designed for diesels. When you activate your remote start, it will wait for the glow plugs or manifold heaters to turn off before it attempts to start.

My vehicle has a push-button start (Smart Key). Can you install a remote start?

Absolutely! We frequently deal with"Push to Start" systems as they become more common.

Sometimes additional parts and labor may be required.

Will DC Car Audio install a remote car starter I got somewhere else like Canadian Tire, Walmart or Amazon?

The short answer to the question is No. The long answer is there are A LOT of brands out there and we aren’t as familiar with their wiring and programming procedures as we are with the Compustar systems we sell. The result is that it will take more time to install these other systems and the final cost may be higher. In the event something is wrong with the starter, you would have to return the system to wherever you purchased it. This would require additional time and labor expense. 

Hassles with repairs or poorly designed products waste your time and ours.

Can I just buy the remote start and have someone else install it?

The warranty that comes with a Compustar remote start states that the system must be installed by an authorized dealer.


We will never be able to assess the ability of others to do a quality job. What we can tell you is that modern vehicles require data interface modules (a computer programmable cartridge) to be remote started and control things like door locks. These modules must be programmed for the proper year, make, model and trim level of your vehicle, and require additional computer software only available to authorized dealer. This software is not available to consumers and is highly protected.

It is for this reason We do NOT offer them for sale over the counter.

What should I bring with me on the day my Remote Starter is being installed?

We ask that you bring all of the keys you have for your vehicle, and any remotes you have for the vehicle. Many Interface Modules for newer cars require both keys at the time of installation for programming.

Why is Range Important?

Range is one of the most overlooked features of a remote start system. Customers often tell us that they only park 100 feet away from their office or home so they do not need a lot of range. This might be the case, but when a manufacturer states a range, it is a perfect world distance. Meaning that there is nothing between you and your vehicle 
Truth is, most of the time, you are starting your vehicle from inside of a building. The transmitter must penetrate glass, concrete, wood, siding, etc.
Hospitals, schools, malls and movie theaters are all examples of places that could seriously diminish a transmitters effective range.


So when it comes to range The more the BETTER.


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