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Your key to comfort

Remote Car Starters

There are many good reasons for a remote car starter. Keeping your loved ones cool in the summer or warm in the winter can bring peace of mind! 

We carry remote starters from one of the industry's top brands.

Firstech, makers of Compustar and DroneMobile, has won Top Vendor of Remote Start and Security Solutions 6 years in a row. With Compustar you get loads of options and features.



We know it's about more then convenience when buying a remote start system.


That why when selecting our starter line-up we looked for a company that would offer our customers both Reliability & Convenience


...and Nobody does that better then ‎Compustar‬


Firstech, LLC. offers an industry-leading lifetime system warranty on its remote start, security, and telematics products, which protects users of its products from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and circumstances. This warranty only covers materials both sold and installed by an "Authorized Dealer" of Firstech's products. 


For Warranty Details or to Register Your Warranty:

Warranty Anchor

 1 WAY Remote Starters

One-way remote car starters work just like your factory-installed keyless entry system. They use a one-way communication signal between the remote control and the vehicle.


You push a button on your remote control and, as long as you are within operating range, the vehicle receives the command and performs the desired request.


The advantage of a one-way system is going to be the price. It is going to cost less than a comparable two-way system.


Two remotes included

1-way remote transmitter

Up to 3000-feet of Range

New FM Technology (FMX)

Water resistant/durable remote casing

Lock/unlock capable


Two remotes included

1-way remote transmitter

Up to 3000-feet of Range

New FM Technology (FMX)

Water resistant/durable remote casing

 2 WAY Remote Starters

The primary advantage of two-way systems is knowing for sure that your vehicle has performed the desired request.


It is called a two-way system because the remote control communicates with the vehicle and the vehicle communicates back to the remote control.


You press the start button on your remote, and you will get an instant response back, letting you know it received the command. Once it starts, about 5 to 10 seconds later, you get a confirmation that it is running and warming up your vehicle.


Great for times when you will not be in sight of your vehicle. And you want to know that it started.


Two 2-way remotes included


Two 2-way remotes included

2-way LED command confirmation

Up to 2-Miles of Range

Digital Spread Spectrum Technology (DSST)

Water resistant/durable remote casing

Lock/unlock capable

2-way LED command confirmation

Up to 2-Miles of Range

Digital Spread Spectrum Technology (DSST)

Water resistant/durable remote casing

Extreme Range & DroneMobile

Smartphone Control

These systems boast anywhere from 3 MILES up to UNLIMITED range



The PRO R5 features our new water-resistant case design that is compact and easy to carry. But don’t let its size fool you! In addition to 2-miles of range, the PRO R5 offers Proximity Unlock and USB recharging with up to 45 days battery life.



The all new PRO T13 is the industry’s most advanced remote start and security system! This remote is the first to include our brand new Proximity Unlock feature and a Full-Color LCD Screen. The sleek design packs in several powerful features including: a USB rechargeable battery, 2-way control, and

3-miles of range.


DroneMobile X1R (Canada)


Flexible Subscriptions!

DroneMobile offers monthly and yearly subscriptions to meet all of your needs. No contracts, no activation fees, and a FREE 30-day hassle-free trial!

Your Car, Connected
The DroneMobile X1R adds LTE and GPS connectivity to any Compustar remote starter or alarm, enabling unlimited range control and tracking from your smartphone! X1R is for Canadian customers only and is supported by regional LTE cellular providers in Canada. X1R provides best-in-class speed and reliability.

All X1R models are compatible with all Compustar remote start and security systems.


30 day free trial


1 year pre-loaded premium plan


3 years preloaded premium plan

Start and secure your car from your smartphone.


Stay connected to your car from virtually anywhere.


Locate your vehicle using DroneMobile maps.


Receive alerts when exiting / entering an area.

Receive instant alerts if your alarm is triggered.


Check your door locks, temperature voltage and more!


Get speeding alerts pushed to your smartphone.


Advanced tracking features for small fleets!

Das Remote Start!

We have been asked if we can do remote starts in Volkswagens, well the short answer is yes! We've done many European vehicles.

Did you know that you can add a Compustar remote starter to many German vehicle makes, including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and VW?


Furthermore, did you know that there is a remote starter that is specifically designed for each of these vehicles? 

For more information call, or stop in today!

Do your remote start prices include installation? YES. Will adding a remote start void my warranty? NO it won’t,  Click to… Continue Reading

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