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Your key to sound

Car Audio & Video

We carry a selection of audio equipment to fit all types of cars, whether it be the company truck, the family van, or the seasonal car of your dreams. 

Exactly what your car needs. And more.

Discover Pioneer's versatile high-grade receivers, which offer you a wide range of musical sources. Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth or USB to listen to your favourite tunes and make handsfree phone calls. And that’s only scratching the surface…

Born in Italy, this extremely popular global brand has come to stand for quality, reliability and value for money. It is rare to find a brand that hits all of these criteria with such balance but through hard work, innovation and an intimate knowledge of what makes a car sound good, Hertz has achieved this. 


Since the beginning, a passion for high fidelity sound in the mobile environment led Audison men to design, experiment and build the tools which could produce the perfect sound. Today, like yesterday, Audison products are presented to the market only after they have fully met the requirements of their creators.

Your factory car stereo is cool, but you want it to sound great too, right? 

Discover Helix

Helix audio is high-performance European design where function closely follows form. Like a German sports car, each handcrafted design is precision-built using the latest technology and material


Your key to Marine Audio

Boats, UTV, off road vehicles, or anything else that may be exposed to the elements.

MC-20 Landing.png

Wet Sounds is the leader in high performance, marine grade audio. With a full line of speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, sound bars, and accessories, Wet Sounds understands the needs of the marine customer and the harsh environment that boats are expsosed to. They make the best sounding products that withstand the elements, the environment, and deliver superior clarity, volume, and sound quality.

Hertz Marine

To support its fans and sea lovers, in 2014 Hertz launched it's Marine products,

bringing the “Hertz Sound Experience”

to open water.

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