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Commercial, Industrial and Fleets

Here at DC Car Audio, we work hard to earn your valued business. We know you have many choices when seeking automotive electronics and installation services for your company. 

Our installation guarantee on electronics supplied and installed by us is for the lifetime of your ownership with the vehicle. We have the highest caliber installation standards and we stand behind our work.


All of our wired connections on installations are done with techniques that will provide the best longevity.

Even the local new car dealers have work done through DC Car Audio for specific electronics and installations. It’s the peace of mind that lets you know we’re doing it right every single day.

  • Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Custom Power Solutions
  • Fleet Solutions
  • Utility & Work Vehicles 
  • Buses / Coaches
  • Specialty Vehicles
  • Recreational Vehicles

We offer commercial and fleet vehicle installation services, including GPS tracking, Power inverters, security and alarm systems, remote starters, aftermarket safety equipment, commercial vehicle back-up cameras, parking sensors and just about everything else.

Whether it's a dozen vans or a single truck let us know what your looking for and we can help you find a solution.

Safety Equipment

Parking Sensors

Safety Equipment

Parking Sensors

One of the most popular commercial vehicle upgrade is sensors. These system can be as simple as 4 rear sensors to alert you of any objects behind you, up to 8 or more sensors reducing your risk of a collision during difficult maneuvers.

 Backup Cameras

Backup cameras offer a solution that will display a clear image of whats behind you as soon as the vehicle is put into reverse.

We can integrate these cameras to display on an existing factory screen, 

OEM grade replacement rear view mirrors, aftermarket radio screens or install a dedicate viewing monitor.



We can upgrade your system to include both front and rear cameras or even

a full 360° system.

Safety Equipment

Parking Sensors

Power Solutions and Inverters

provide in-vehicle power to work and operate tools, appliances, lights and other electronic equipment wherever they are needed.

Fleet Services in Sarnia

Whether traveling in car, RV or boat, during camping and other outdoor events, in a roadside emergency or home power outage, we depend on electronic equipment.

Dependence on these tools has increased the need for mobile power solutions that enable their use anytime.

Dash Camera Systems

Momento M7 F&R
Momento M6 F&R
Momento M7 Left Side
Momento M7 Screen
Momento M6 Angled

Dash cameras affect the behavior of the driver. In commercial vehicles this can mean drivers are safer and more efficient. Having a dash camera installed in your vehicle is an excellent way to protect your drivers and yourself with indisputable evidence if something were to ever go wrong.


 If you are worried about vandalism, or theft when your car is stationary dash cams are a great solution with built-in features like parking mode, Shock and Tilt Sensors, Lidar Sensors


Drone X1 adds LTE connectivity to your vehicle, giving you fast and reliable access from your smartphone. Drone X1 can be installed as a standalone GPS tracking system OR as an add-on to an existing Compustar remote starter/alarm.

Remote Start

Start your vehicle from anywhere.



Drone keeps your car safer.


Keyless Entry

Lock/unlock your car's doors.


Unlimited Range

Control and track from anywhere.


Push Notifications

Receive alerts via e-mail or push.


History Log

Review past activity/alerts.


Works with over 90% of vehicles.



Tracking Locate your vehicle.



Set mile-based service reminders.


Curfew Alerts

Monitor after-hours driving.


Points of Interest

Customize and set up to 10 POIs.


Vehicle Status

Check on your vehicle's doors.

Let us upgrade your work day

Contact DC Car Audio for your fleet and commercial vehicle products or services today using the information below.

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