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Mobile Electronics Specialty Retailer

When you come into our shop, you will find we are a different kind of retailer. You may notice we don't have walls and walls of radios to choose from. 


We carry only "Best in Class" products and unlike many retailers, big box and small, our brands are all hand picked for purpose and functionality. 


More focus is put into our installation practices, which is part of what separates us from our competitors . We think outside the "box" and for this reason our clients purchase from us knowing we've provided the best possible service with the best possible install and can leave with confidence in our high quality standards. 


At the end of the day, we know that the brand that you are buying is DC Car Audio. And that is something that we take very seriously.

So hit the links, check around... and then stop by for an in-store consultation. We are more then happy to talk about what you can expect when we upgrade your vehicle.

Why Choose Us?

Certified Installer

Locally owned and operated by a Licensed (310k) Automotive Electronics Accessories Technician.


Our Experience

We take pride in our role in the aftermarket 12volt industry. With 10+ years experience we know first hand that continued training in new technology, installation procedures, and product introductions, is key to providing our customers with the best experience possible.


 Quality First

We understand that quality is the most significant factor between us, and our customers. Thats why when selecting our brands we made a commitment to sell brands that we believe in and we’d never carry any item we wouldn’t be comfortable installing in our own vehicle.​

Car Audio & Marine 

Your key to sound

Remote Car Starters

Your key to comfort

Back-up Sensors
& Collision Avoidance

Your key to safety

Commercial, Industrial
and Fleet Services

We're friendly, Go Ahead Message us!


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