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Coaxial Speakers

Helix S 6X Coaxial Speaker Set

2-way coaxial speakers | 165mm (6½”)

S 4X

Helix Audio 2-way coaxial speakers | 100mm (4”)

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Component Systems

S 62C

Helix Audio S 62C 2-way component system | 165mm (6½”)

S 42C

Helix Audio S 42C 2-way component system | 100mm (4”)

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Speaker Components

P 6B

Midbass woofers | 165mm (6½”)

P 5B

Midbass woofers | 130mm (5¼”)

P 3M

Midrange speakers | 75mm (3”)

P 1T

Tweeters | 25mm (1”)

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