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Your key to safety

Dash Cams, Back-up Sensors
& Collision Avoidance

Reversing out of a parking spot or pulling out of a driveway, our vision is limited, which can lead to dangerous situations.


Backup systems reduce that danger.



Why do I need a dash camera?


24/7 Monitoring
Dash cams constantly record and monitor activity around your vehicle, even when parked.




Peace of Mind
In the event of an accident or hit-and-run, there is no better witness than a dash cam.




Instant Video Proof
With recorded footage, you can quickly expedite insurance claims or prevent insurance fraud.



Always be Ready for the Unexpected.

Dash Camera Systems


Introducing Drone XC - the world's first dash cam that connects to your aftermarket alarm or remote starter.

Keep in mind, this is just some of what we do. For the whole car story, stop by our shop.

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