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Your key to safety

Back-up Sensors, Dash Cams

& Collision Avoidance

Reversing out of a parking spot or pulling out of a driveway, our vision is limited, which can lead to dangerous situations.


Backup systems reduce that danger.



Always be Ready

for the Unexpected.

Dash Camera Systems

SKU: MD-4200

The Momento M4 dash camera comes with front + rear cameras and a 16GB SD card. It records in HD, providing crystal clear images when you need it most



Momento M5 Dashcam kit

SKU MD-5200

The Momento M5 dash camera comes with front and rear cameras, GPS antenna and a 32GB SD card. It records in full HD, providing crystal clear images when you need it most.



Momento M6 Dashcam kit

SKU MD-6200

M6 Full HD "Smart" Dash Cam. Wi-fi enabled, "Smart" dash camera system including front camera, rear camera, GPS antenna, and 32GB micro-sd memory card.



Without change, there is no innovation. Rydeen is the leader in mobile electronics focused on creating products with the latest in science and technology, changing people’s lives one day at a time. Rydeen commits to the latest in technology through constant testing. 

Headquartered in Torrance, CA, they create unique products focused on driver safety, convenience, and lifestyle enhancement




Keep in mind, this is just some of what we do. For the whole car story, stop by our shop.